Litho Printing

Litho printing remains the ultimate and most effective process in terms of cost and speed for volume print.

Flexibility & Confidence

Our three highly equipped B1 Komori presses generate considerable capacity which, when combined with our variable shift patterns, provides us with enormous flexibility and confidence to take on contracts that many would consider too challenging.

Komori’s recognised ability to produce a sharp printed dot is further enhanced using computer to plate technology producing cleaner screened tints, vignettes and tones.

With current trends favouring printing on silk, matt and uncoated papers we are able to offer a variety of sealing options inline. This can help improve handling of fast turnaround work or be used to enhance areas of the print.

Trained Technicians

Our trained print technicians have extensive industry experience and craftsmanship skills. We meet rigorous quality standards and customers can feel confident that the print project is being handled by a team that will get the best results.

Colour Management

Accurate colour reproduction is essential which is why we have invested in the best hardware and software to achieve this. This is managed through PressSign which scans the whole sheet and monitors the information throughout the print run. This data is recorded so should you require your job reprinted it will be an exact colour match.

pressSIGN-Pro V 7.

pressSIGN-Pro is a G7® Certified System 7 that measures, controls, monitors and evaluates the colour printing process for litho printing.
It features a complete set of analysis tools to improve press and operator performance identifying issues of both quality and wastage.
Use pressSIGN's soft proofing facility to visually check jobs in the production or pre-press office live from the press. pressSIGN contains the PANTONE™ libraries and the ability to create custom colour libraries. Control not only solid spot colours but tints as well. Set spot tint targets based on previous prints or use pressSIGN's Visual Linear Targeting (VLT) to achieve the smoothest possible blends.

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